I’m really bad about posting….kinda

So this once a week posting on the blog isn’t a bad idea, but I really should do twice a week. This week’s segment will be about Baseball, Golf, Soccer (not football this week, sorry), and I guess a little about football (Who you kidding? Of course we have to talk about football).

First up to the plate, we have the grand ol’ sport of Baseball. Holy macro is the AL Wild Card Race just blazing through September. Other than a win yesterday, the Texas Rangers have been losing games like no other. In the last ten games, they have only two wins and eight losses. They are going downhill and even manager Ron Washington is worried about losing his job due to their slump. No matter what happens, I believe he will still have his job for next year (don’t worry Ron). My New York Yankees have been slipping and I’m afraid to say this but I’m pretty sure they won’t be able to recover and make the playoffs (But I still have hope!). All parts of their game aren’t there and their veteran leaders aren’t playing up to the level they should be. For example, the great Ichiro Suzuki just has looked lost in the outfield, misplaying balls left and right and just making poor decisions. Get it together, Yanks! The Cleveland Indians are only a half game out of the wild card spot! The former Red Sox manager Terry Francona is leading and pushing the tribe towards the postseason. Right now, the Tampa Bay Rays and Texas Rangers have the Wild Card spots, but that probably won’t stay long. 

On the other side of Baseball you have the National League. Let’s see here, we have the Pittsburgh Pirates and Cincinnati Reds holding onto the wild card spots. But, the scallywaggers are only one game behind the division leader, St. Louis Cardinals. I think the Pirates will win the division and shoot off the Cardinals into the Wild Card. The Atlanta Braves and the Los Angeles Dodgers lead their respective divisions and in no way should be losing those leads. 

Now we slowly move into Golf as this last weekend’s BMW Championship made sure to take its good ol’ time. Due to weather conditions, the final round had to be completed on Monday. The winner of this beautiful championship was, Zach Johnson! After being the last pick for the President’s team, he proved himself even more with the win. He was phenomenal with the putter and finished with a final round score of 6 – under 65 to give him the two stroke win over Nick Watney. Next up, the Tour Championship. Boy, this will be fun to watch.

Olé, Olé, Olé! Not a whole lot to really report from the world sport of Soccer other than major European clubs playing each other today. Milan beat Celtic, Barcelona easily won, Arsenal defeated Marseille in a tight game. It was a good day of matches today. All eyes were set on Gareth Bale in his debut for Real Madrid against CSKA Moscow, but Ronaldo stole the show with a hat trick just a few days after signing a new contract with Real. No big deal, right? Ronaldo is still one of the best players in the world. 

Enough about fútbol, time for some football. Everyone’s favorite sport. Let’s hit the colleges first. In one of the most hyped games of this season, Alabama Crimson Tide defeated Johnny Manziel and “his” Texas A&M Aggies, 49-42. The Aggie defense struggled in the first half and that forced Johnny football to make a comeback in the second half only to fall short. Johnny threw two interceptions, one which was returned for a touchdown which was the key play to the game. My article in the University Daily Kansan, the KU newspaper, is all about this game and you can find the article at this website: http://kansan.com/sports/2013/09/15/brew-will-alabamas-win-be-the-best-football-game-of-the-season/. In no way at all am I advertising for you to read my article (cough cough). The Oklahoma State football program is in trouble for supposedly giving recruits benefits in various ways. I won’t go into full detail because some of it could get a bit graphic (for the sake of the children). They are now investigating these accusations. 

In professional football, another week has gone by with some excitement and some not so exciting things. The Seattle Seahawks dominated the San Francisco 49ers in a game that was all about their defense. It was a beauty watching that game. America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys lost to the Kansas City Chiefs, who are run by former 49ers quarterback Alex Smith and former Eagles head coach Andy Reid. In the Manning Bowl, the older Manning once again prevailed with a statement win against his brother. The New York Giants looked dysfunctional out there and need to fix themselves. The Buffalo Bills won in the final seconds of their game against the Carolina Panthers. I think E.J. Manuel was a great pick for the Bills and will continue to provide for them. Off the field, a TV station down in Florida had to apologize to its viewers for showing the awful Jacksonville Jaguars game instead of the New York Giants and Denver Broncos game. I would apologize too for the horrific play of the home team. 

Yeah I definitely need to post twice a week. I have to stop boring y’all with all of my long posts. Señors and señoritas, until next time, stay classy sports world. (Yes I did steal that from Ron Burgundy, but who cares. It’s awesome)


It’s been awhile…

Hey y’all! So I feel really bad about not posting anything lately. I’ve just gone MIA which is absolutely not true at all. I’ve missed y’all, but don’t worry, there’s been plenty to talk about. Let’s see, there’s football, more football, some baseball, tennis?, football, did I say football?, oh and some football! (soccer). 

I guess I overdid the football thing, but I still must talk about it. College football and professional football has started! Let’s start with the NFL. Peyton Manning had an unbelievable game and was probably the best playmaker of the past weekend. Although the Cowboys did force 6 New York Giants turnovers, they barely pulled out the victory winning by only 5 points. The Cowboys were lucky to win that game. Although they had signs of being good, they also had signs of being bad. I’m still sticking with my hypothesis that the Cowboys won’t perform to the level they truly could. The Eagles and Redskins game was fun to watch. First half was all about the Eagles and second half was all about the Redskins. RG III almost brought the Redskins back, but time was against them. Houston Texans got lucky and came back to defeat the San Diego Chargers who aren’t the best of teams. The 49ers and Packers game was fun to watch as well for both sides. Pretty much in general, the opening weekend of football was awesome.

The college football season just finished its second week of games and man did it perform to a fun level. The University of Texas was murdered by BYU, thus resulting in the firing of their defensive coordinator. The Miami Hurricanes defeated their rival, Florida Gators. Although it was a low scoring game, the Miami defense was a lot of fun to watch. USC struggled on the offensive side and suffered a loss, putting their program quite a few steps back from where they would rather be. Last game I’ll talk about is the domination of Baylor winning 70-13. HOLY COW! 

Enough about football. The baseball season is reaching it’s final month and I can’t even begin to describe how awesome this month will be. My New York Yankees are making a run for a wild card spot. Through all of the injuries they have dealt with this year and being able to stay in contention is absolutely incredible. The AL is stacked with contenders. Even the Kansas City Royals are in contention (Michael say what?). EXACTLY! The National League is just as incredible. The Pittsburgh Pirates are having their best season since 1992 when the “legendary” Barry Bonds played there. Cincinnati has made a comeback as well and it looks like those two teams will get the wild card. The rest of the teams are a little farther behind than anybody in the AL. Most people are excited about football, but I’m excited for baseball. 

A little about tennis. Serena Williams proved to the world that she deserves the number one ranking, beating out Victoria Azarenka in the U.S. Open final. On the gentleman’s side, the great Rafael Nadal defeated Novak Djokovic for the title. All four of these players are absolutely unbelievable players and they all had great matches. 

WE’RE GOING TO BRAZIL!! Congratulations to the U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team for defeating our southern rival, Mexico, 2-0 in a World Cup Qualifier. With the win and the Honduras and Panama draw, the US punched their ticket to Brazil in a very exciting match. Eddie Johnson and Landon Donovan had the goals to put the US on top of Mexico. Even in older age, Donovan continues to prove why he is the best in the US. 

I think this post is long enough to make y’all fall asleep. As I conclude this post, I would like to take a moment and remember those who lost their lives on this fateful day twelve years ago. We will never forget that day as it lives on in infamy and through history. Please take a moment to remember and to appreciate being alive today. Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. 

PGA Championship

As round 3 comes to a close today, this championship has taken a toll on the favorites and brought some new and old faces to the top of the leaderboard. At the top, we have Jim Furyk who shot a 68 in the third round to go to 9 under for the tournament thus far. In second, we have Jason Dufner who has had a few incredible shots so far this weekend. In third, we have the Swede Henrik Stenson. Tiger Woods is currently at 4 over and in no way able to make it back up. We will see how tomorrow’s final round will play out. My prediction is Jim Furyk will finally get some luck and win this major. 


Although it’s almost football season, there’s a couple of basketball news that just has to be shared. When will rookies learn?

On Wednesday, Shabazz Muhammad, the 14th pick in the NBA Draft, was sent home from the NBA’s Rookie Transition Program for violating a rule by bringing a female into his hotel room. NBA, what is your deal? Can a man not enjoy his time with a woman?? The NBA wants no distractions during this program and hopes the rookies will learn that there are consequences for breaking the rules. Muhammad was chosen by the Minnesota Timberwolves in the draft and is from UCLA. 

Although this happened a couple of days ago, Bill Self, coach of the Kansas Jayhawks (aka my university that I love so much), has said that if provided the opportunity, he would consider coaching in the NBA. He just recently signed a contract extension at the Kansas that would keep him there until 2022. But, nowhere in that extension did it say that he couldn’t opt out of it. It’s highly unlikely that he will go to the NBA, but you never know. 

Just a little update to those who are out of the loop. If you’re out of the loop on any sport, GET IN THE LOOP! 

Legends, college kids, and whatever is in between

A few things have happened in the sports world the past couple of days. From investigations to new investigations to a new revolution, it was all there. College football, more baseball (cause baseball is America’s pastime and it’s awesome), and soccer (shout out to Alvaro Hernandez). 

Let’s start off with college football. Oh I’m sorry ESPN, did I say that wrong? I meant let us start off with Johnny Manziel, aka Johnny football. What did Johnny do this time? What has he done so far? What will stop ESPN from leaving him alone (It’s not only just ESPN, they just love him so much)? New investigations have come up that Johnny Manziel has been profiting on sports gear and memorabilia that he has autographed to fans. This is an issue because A. he was the Heisman Trophy winner and must be scrutinized for every single thing he does. B. It’s against NCAA rules to make a profit while in college. C. It’s Johnny Manziel. I’ll be honest with you, I don’t like the guy. He’s a schmuck (if you don’t know what that means, look it up), a wanna-be frat star (stay on the field, bro), and thinks he can do anything just because he is Johnny Manziel. He needs to grow up and realize he has to play by the rules in order for him to succeed with his football career. If he doesn’t want to continue his football career, then fine, let him do his thing. I do feel bad for the guy because he wants to be just like every other college student, but, he should know by now that he can’t be. By the way, screw Texas A and M. I don’t recommend that school and have never liked the school. Enough hating for right now.

On August 7th, in Class A Brooklyn Cyclones, a New York Mets affiliate, employees arrived to their work to find the statue of Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese defaced with swastikas, racial and anti-semitic terms. Who in their right mind would do such a horrendous thing to two key figures who helped shape the game of baseball into what it is today; a diverse and multi-cultural atmosphere enjoyed by many? These guys are key to the history of baseball. Police are investigating it as a hate crime and hopefully will capture the fugitives responsible for this terrible incident.

I don’t think many people realize how much the game of soccer is starting to grow on the American people. No, we will never be able to match up to the fans of the Premier League in England or La Liga in Spain. But, at the moment, the United States Men’s National Team is on fire and hoping to continue that hot streak into next year’s World Cup in Brazil. Also, the popular Clint Dempsey, american soccer player who has been playing on Fulham football club and Tottenham football club the past 5 or 6 years, is coming back to the US to play in the MLS (Major League Soccer). He will be joining the Seattle Sounders, who are already an astounding team and have one of the best fan bases in the US. Of course he will receive a warm welcome from the fans and will ignite Seattle away from the already dreary city that it is. Soccer fans, watch out because Clint Dempsey is back.

I’m tired now. Guess who has to work in the morning? This guy. Well, and the other guy who lives across the hall from me who is supposedly my brother. Have comments? Leave them on here and I’ll try responding ASAP. Sweet dreams, you sports nerds. 

First Blog/Today’s headlines

Hey guys! Welcome to my first official post on my blog! I will be talking about major sports headlines and whatever sports stuff I want. 

Today was a key day in Major League Baseball. Suspensions were handed out to players involved with the Biogenesis lab that was located in Miami. The most notable players on the list were: Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees, Nelson Cruz of the Texas Rangers, and Jhonny Peralta of the Detroit Tigers. These three are all-stars and will affect their teams the most. Alex Rodriguez will be officially suspended on Thursday, thus allowing him to play in tonight’s game against Chicago. He went 1 for 4 with a single and was loudly booed by the Chicagoans. In my opinion, he deserves it. He is trying to appeal the suspension and will be just similar to Ryan Braun’s situation. A-rod needs to understand that if he knows he did it, Major League Baseball will find out as well. Of course the New York Yankees aren’t happy with him either and can’t wait to get their money back, which is estimated around 77 million, I believe. Either way, the suspensions are a key part of the 2013 baseball season and will be a key part of baseball history. Aside from the suspensions, the hottest teams in baseball right now are the Kansas City Royals (Say what??), the Atlanta Braves, the Detroit Tigers (unbelievable team), and the Los Angeles Dodgers (Yasiel Puig, basically, according to ESPN (super biased)). 

Moving on now, football is getting underway. The Dallas Cowboys defeated the Miami Dolphins in the Hall of Fame game. To be honest, who could care about that game? It was mostly back-ups and, although I didn’t watch it, heard it was a very boring game. Just like most NFL games. Yes, all you football fans, I just said that. The games are too long in my opinion and get very boring. I can’t stand it. Also, remember Vince Young? The guy who took the Texas Longhorns to the BCS Championship Game at the Rose Bowl and won it in dramatic fashion? Yeah, he’s back. The Green Bay Packers have decided to add him to their roster. Unlike in college, he has not played up to his hype and has disappeared for the most part from the NFL. The Packers are a historic and incredible franchise, and maybe they will be able to turn him around. 

I know most people can’t stand Golf, but I’m a golfer. I love watching and playing Golf, and I will talk about Golf. Tiger Woods had an incredible win this past weekend. He was sizzling. Next up is the PGA Championship. This is always an incredible event and we will see if Tiger can keep the flames going. Watch out for the incredible and young golfer, Jordan Spieth. A Dallas native, goes to the University of Texas, and won the John Deere Classic in playoffs. Did really well at the Open Championship for his first time there. He will be amazing to watch the next few years. Interesting story, my dentist’s son was Jordan’s caddy in high school! Like anybody cares….

Anyways, I’m done for tonight. My next post will be sometime in the near future. Leave comments, tell me what you think about my idea of starting my own blog, etc. SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS. Let’s get this trending! Or you don’t have to if you don’t want. Thanks y’all!