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Are we in sports heaven?

This is the rare time of the year for sports. Not only do we have the World Series taking place, along with college and professional football, soccer, golf, and hockey, we also have finally started college basketball and professional basketball. All of these sports are occurring at this moment (well not exactly right now, but you get the meaning) and this is where I can say I am in sports heaven. Where do I begin?

Why not start with baseball. This series has been full of excitement, controversy, and even confusion within each team. These feelings haven’t occurred in just one game, it has occurred in all 5 games that have been played so far. The Boston Red Sox have the 3-2 series lead over the St. Louis Cardinals, with the last two games being played in Boston. This will be troublesome for the Cardinals and they will really have to find a way to stop the flaming Boston offense in order to win the championship. Game 6 is tonight, and I must say it will be a damn good game to watch. 

College Football. That’s all that is needed to be said. Just kidding, I need to update y’all on teams in the top 25 from this past weekend. The Baylor Bears killed my Kansas Jayhawks 59-14 and I must say it was not a pretty game to watch. I barely was able to stay for the first half as I could hardly keep my eyes open from all of the horrendous action taking place. Both Florida State and Oregon, the number two and three teams in the nation respectively, had resounding wins. But, Oregon pulled ahead of Florida State in the rankings this previous Sunday. Thank the good lord that number 21 South Carolina defeated number 5 Missouri (misery, ha). Nothing else needs to be said about that game. One of the better games of the week was number 15 Oklahoma defeating conference foe number 10 Texas Tech 38-30. Heads up, upset alert. Duke defeated number 14 Virginia Tech 13-10. What a very low-scoring game. Wait, wait, one more upset. Minnesota defeated number 24 Nebraska 34-23. It’s a rare win for the Gophers as they have struggled against the Cornhuskers in the past. 

Now, it’s time for professional football. The Kansas City Chiefs are  undefeated, barely scraping by the Cleveland Browns 23-17. The Detroit Lions had to make a huge comeback to defeat the Dallas Cowboys 31-30. Calvin “Megatron” Johnson had 329 receiving yards! Holy Cow! The Atlanta Falcons struggles continue as they go 2-5 with a loss to the Arizona Cardinals, the final score being 27-13. This is unusual for Atlanta and I’m sure their fans aren’t the happiest of people at the moment. The New York Giants got their second straight win, defeating the Philadelphia Eagles 15-7. I still have faith in my Giants! Other than that, there wasn’t exactly a whole lot of excitement elsewhere around the league. Hopefully this next week will be better.

This past Saturday, in the Spain’s La Liga, powerhouses Barcelona and Real Madrid faced off. Barcelona came out on top, winning 2-1 with goals from Neymar (unbelievable player who is only going to get better) and Alexis Sanchez for Barca. Jese from Real Madrid scored the lone goal for the team. In the English Premier League, Arsenal stays hot, sitting on top of the standings, but are closely followed by my favorite, Chelsea as well as Liverpool. Liverpool has turned itself around this season and if I were the other teams in the league, I would watch out for them. In the U.S., in the Eastern Conference the New York Red Bulls lead the pack, closely followed by Sporting Kansas City. In the Western Conference, the Portland Timbers are in charge, also being closely followed by Real Salt Lake. Although I am somewhat of a FC Dallas fan, they are struggling and it doesn’t exactly look pretty to say the least. When it gets closer to the playoffs, that’s really when things will start to heat up. 

I don’t often talk about hockey, but when I do, something interesting tends to happen. As I look at the power rankings, I notice that the top three teams don’t include the Stanley Cup Champions or the runner-ups. The San Jose Sharks and Colorado Avalanche have had unbelievable seasons so far, each only having one loss. My Dallas Stars have struggled a bit, with their record being 4-5-1. I think they need to start looking in the market for some defensemen. 

The most notable news in Golf this past week was the separation of EA Sports and Tiger Woods. After being together for 15 years, they mutually agreed to split. They felt it was necessary to use other players for the cover and make it more fair. The season just recently started and not many tournaments have been played, so stay tuned for that. 

Now, time for some basketball. Starting off with college, last night was the first game for the Kansas Jayhawks of the 2013-2014 season. Even though it was an exhibition and it didn’t count, the Hawks defeated Pitt State (in Kansas) 97-57. Highly touted Andrew Wiggins had 16 points and had a few good plays to show off during the game. I would say the biggest disappointment for Kansas was Wayne Selden who had very few points and caused 4 fouls. Although he did play aggressive, it was a little too much. Perry Ellis played one heck of a game in my opinion and he will be one of the leaders of this team. Like I said, it was only an exhibition game so nothing to really worry about. 

Opening night of the NBA was spectacular. The much favorited Lebron James defeated the Chicago Bulls 107-95. Okay okay, I’ll be nice. The Miami Heat defeated the Chicago Bulls. At one point, the Heat went on a 21-5 run and that was basically the moment of the game. In the battle of LA, the Lakers welcomed Doc Rivers into Los Angeles with a win over his Clippers. The Lakers bench scored the last 48 points, led by Xavier Henry (played for KU!) into a resounding 116-103 win. 

Well, I think that shall be all for today. Unfortunately, I will be writing less on here due to the fact school is trying to kill my brain. But, in good news, I have received two internships for Sports blogging online! I am writing for, specifically focusing on the New York Yankees and also will be writing for where the articles are focused on college basketball recruitment. Go to these websites and read my articles! You would receive my appreciation and gratitude. 🙂 Anyways, enough for today. The answer to the question in the title is yes. As in yes folks we are in sports heaven at the current moment. Hope you’ve got your wings. 


Someone find me a Halloween Costume

The Candy Industries must go nuts around this time of year. So much candy is passed out and eaten during Halloween and who’s complaining? It’s delicious. Anyway, enough about food. Both professional and college football this past weekend was insane. Way too much to handle. Baseball is down to its final two teams for the World Series Championship. Shall we get started?

Let’s start with College Football. 9 of the top 25 teams lost this past Saturday. Probably the most notable loss in the top 25 was #5 Florida State killing #3 Clemson 51-14. Florida State freshman quarterback Jameis Winston led the way and showed the sports critics that he is the real deal for the Heisman Trophy, beating out Clemson’s quarterback, Tajh Boyd, who was also being considered for the Heisman. #6 LSU lost to Ole Miss 27-24. Ole Miss isn’t a bad team, they just face really tough opponents and have only a couple of kinks to fix. #24 Auburn defeated #7 Johnny Manziel 45-41 in a tight, crazy game. Wait, y’all are saying that last sentence is wrong? Are you sure? I really like to hate on the Aggies, apparently. The Texas A&M Aggies had a good game for the most part, except for their defense and also Manziel was injured during the game. It was a tragic loss for them, but knowing ESPN and other sports stations, they will still toot Johnny’s horn. #8 Louisville lost to Central Florida 38-35. #13 Stanford defeated #9 UCLA 24-10, shocking many people. The Tennessee Volunteers (Vols) beat a very good South Carolina team that was ranked #11, 23-21. #14 Mizzew (Missouri = Gross) defeated #22 Florida Gators 36-17. To make matters worse, Mizzou jumped to #5 in the BCS standings. Unbelievable. I understand many top teams lost, but come on, Mizzou? Who ever is in charge of picking the rankings needs to be knocked in the head and learn a thing or two about actual football teams. I will always hate the Tigers. #15 Georgia lost to Vanderbilt 31-27 (Very shocking). The last upset of the week was Arizona State defeating, actually murdering #20 Washington 53-24. Whew. What a list. Crazy week of college football, but then again, when is not crazy?

Switching to the professionals now, the almighty Denver Broncos were defeated in Peyton Manning’s return to Indianapolis to face the Colts. Andrew Luck had a tremendous game and actually conquered the unbeatable (according to ESPN) Broncos. Just goes to show that you can’t win them all. The only undefeated team left is the Kansas City Chiefs, the hometown favorites of basically all of KU. The Chiefs barely pulled out a win though against the Houston Texans, 17-16. Defense was the key in this game. Tampa Bay is still winless as they were defeated by their division rival, the Atlanta Falcons. Although the Buffalo Bills record might not look great, they are a dangerous team to play against. They are always involved in every game and have lost some very close games. But, this past Sunday they were able to beat the Miami Dolphins in another tight game. For all of my friends from back home in Dallas, the Cowboys beat their east coast rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles, 17-3. But, if you think about it, the Eagles didn’t have Michael Vick or back-up Nick Foles. They were using third string quarterback Matt Barkley, the USC standout who hasn’t had much to prove in the NFL. If I were Cowboys fans, I would be a little worried. That should have been more of a blowout, although I do understand that the boys have some injuries of their own. J-E-T-S JETS, JETS, JETS! The New York Jets defeated their notable rival, the New England Patriots 30-27 in overtime. Rookie Geno Smith led the Jets and I believe for the first time this season, showed his true skills. This was the first game he looked like the Geno Smith I knew of back at West Virginia. Tonight, my winless New York Giants are facing the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings have struggled as well, having only one win. This will be an interesting game to watch due to the fact both teams are struggling. I’m praying the Giants will win.

The October classic has been set. A rematch of the 2004 World Series, the hot-hitting and unbelievably good Boston Red Sox will be facing the dominant St. Louis Cardinals. Although I dislike both teams, especially the Red Sox, I can see this series going to seven games. My prediction is the Cardinals winning it all, but like I said, these two teams are incredible. It will be a great series to watch.

As I sit in the Kansas union waiting for an interview, I ponder what is going on around me and what I have to worry about with school. I have a midterm tomorrow and another one on Thursday. Yay. Only one of my headphones works even though I just bought these 2 days ago. I need to figure out my living situation for next year and I need to research internships. I know this is a Sports blog, but I feel it helps by including my life so y’all can feel comfortable and be able to somewhat relate to me. Plus I need to post my thoughts somewhere anyways, am I right? Well, that will be enough for now. Goodbye Sports geeks, until next time.  

Midterms suck

Once again, it’s been awhile since I posted on here due to the fact I was on fall break and school got in the way. My bad. If anyone was crying over the fact that I haven’t posted lately, well you can stop now, I’m back. Anyways, enough of the apologies it’s time for our favorite topic, sports.

It’s definitely October. With the Baseball Championship Series occurring right now, they have made sure to not disappoint us. In the American League, the Boston Red Sox (BOO, Hiss…) lead the series 2-1 sparked by a game 2 miracle comeback to win in Boston. They were down 5-0 in that game and by the eighth inning, the score being 5-1, guess who came clutch for the Red Sox? Of course, David Ortiz. He hammered a grand slam that was almost caught by Tigers outfielder, Torii Hunter. This tied the game up and in the bottom of the ninth, they scored the game winning run and the city of Boston went nuts.

On the National League side, the St. Louis Cardinals lead the series 3-1 against the Los Angeles Dodgers. I’d hate to say it, but I believe the Cardinals are going to win this series. They have been dominant the entire time and there is no stopping them, other than losing game three to the Dodgers. The first game of the series was fantastic, going into the 13th inning where Carlos Beltran belted (get it, BELTran BELTed, anybody? Nope. Well then…) a single that drove in the game-winning run. Beltran had a great game and was unanimously picked MVP for that night. Next game is this afternoon (actually already started). We’ll see if the Dodgers can stay alive.

Now that we are getting towards the halfway point of the football season, we are seeing who the strongest and weakest teams are. There are only two undefeated teams remaining and they happen to be in the same division. They are the Peyton Manning Broncos (whoops, I meant Denver Broncos), and the Kansas City Chiefs (HOLY SMOKES!). Peyton Manning is on fire and if he keeps this up, will most likely win the MVP award. Andy Reid has turned the Chiefs franchise around. With everyone healthy, they have been unstoppable. Props to the fans at Arrowhead Stadium for breaking the record for the loudest football stadium with a 137.7 decibel record. It’s because they have all of the Kansas Jayhawk fans there 😉 (Allen Fieldhouse at the University of Kansas has the college record for loudest arena with 127.1 decibels). My poor New York Giants are doing awful. They are winless and it looks like either Tom Coughlin or Eli Manning will be gone at the end of the season if this keeps up. The Pittsburgh Steelers finally won their first game, winning 19-6 against the New York Jets. That’s another surprising team who has been struggling. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are still winless as well (no surprise) as the Jacksonville Jaguars (no surprise there either). I feel really bad for the state of Florida who have to deal with those two horrific teams.

In college football, it was one crazy weekend. I went home for fall break and got to go to the State Fair of Texas last Saturday while the Red River Rivalry was happening. I didn’t go to the game, but the Texas Longhorns shockingly upset the Oklahoma Sooners 36-20 at the Cotton Bowl. I watched on television screens outside the stadium with thousands of other Longhorns and Sooners, chilling with a beer and some awesome fried foods (fried PB&J, fried nutella, not fried beer (it was awful)). Although I could care less about these two schools, I had to represent my home state, so I threw up the horns and cheered as the clock ticked down. It was an awesome experience to be at the fair during this game and it always is a great time. The next best game this past weekend was the 4 overtime thriller (!!!) of Penn State vs. #18 Michigan. Penn State came out on top and the entire crowd of Nittany Lion students, who stayed the entire time, went wild and I can guarantee you partied all day and night until they went to bed, or ended up in the hospital. What a game that must have been. My Kansas Jayhawks of course lost again, but didn’t lose too bad to TCU. They forced 5 turnovers but couldn’t produce on offense as the game ended with a final score of 27-17. Next up is the Oklahoma Sooners who will be wanting to bounce back after that terrible loss to Texas.

This is a pretty long post, maybe I should stop and start updating y’all more often. Hmmm, naaaahhhhhh, we are still going folks! Time for futbol (soccer). The United States men’s soccer team defeated Panama 3-2, scoring two goals in the 90th minute (extra time!). If the U.S. hadn’t scored those two goals, then Mexico would have been knocked out of the World Cup. Mexico has a chance to prove its worth of being in Brazil when they face New Zealand next Tuesday night. The U.S. was trailing 2-1 when Graham Zusi (plays for Sporting K.C.) headed the ball in off a cross from Brad Davis. Aron Johannsson scored the game winner in stoppage time to put away Panama.

Now that will be enough for today. One side note though, supposedly Adidas will offer Andrew Wiggins (Kansas freshman predicted to be the #1 pick in next year’s NBA Draft and has been considered as the Canadian Lebron James) a shoe contract worth $180 million over 10 years once he declares for the NBA Draft. They aren’t allowed to talk to him until he is done with his college career. That. Is. INSANE. Anyways, I have a midterm to study for, a project to complete, multiple homework assignments, and a paper to write all before I can start my weekend on Friday afternoon. Ugh.


(Edmund Post and I at the State Fair of Texas with the new Big Tex)

God Bless the U.S.A.

USA! USA! USA! The President’s Cup in Golf was completed this past weekend as the United States defeated the International side to retain the cup. The USA won with 18.5 points to the International’s 15.5 points. Probably the most interesting match-up was between Graham DeLaet on the International side and PGA rookie of the year, Jordan Spieth, of the US. Graham defeated Spieth by one stroke, and these two youngsters proved to everyone that the future of Golf is in great hands. Congratulations to the United States men’s golf team!

(Go to this link to see the US team picture with the trophy!)

Somebody wake up Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day, September is over

How possibly could that song relate to sports? Well, it does. Now that September is over, October begins; which means Hockey has started, it’s the Baseball postseason, and I still think ESPN is full of scrooges. We all know enough about football, college and professionally, so those two topics won’t be necessary today. 

Hockey began last night and although many sports fans around the country could care less about the ice rink, it was one heck of an opening night. The most exciting game of the night was the Washington Capitals vs. the Chicago Blackhawks, who are the defending Stanley Cup Champions. Goals were being fired into the net back and forth by each team and by the end of the game, the Champions came out on top, winning 6-4. Two other games occurred last night. The Toronto Maple Leafs defeated the Montreal Canadiens 4-3, and the Winnipeg Jets defeated the Edmonton Oilers 5-4. So basically all of the games were fun to watch. What if the whole season was this exciting?

Ah, October. Playoff time in Baseball. What an interesting and exciting season this has been. In the wild card games, we had the Pittsburgh Pirates vs. the Cincinnati Reds, with the matey’s winning 6-2 and moving on to face the St. Louis Cardinals. The Tampa Bay Rays are currently playing the Cleveland Indians and the winner of this game will face the Boston Red Sox. The rest of the division series games are the Oakland Athletics vs. the Detroit Tigers and the Los Angeles Dodgers vs. the Atlanta Braves. My picks for the Championship Series are the Boston Red Sox vs. the Detroit Tigers in the American League and in the National League, the Pittsburgh Pirates vs. the Atlanta Braves. All of them are great teams but we will see who comes out on top.

Yesterday on ESPN, as I was watching Sportscenter, they had a thing about the English Premier League soccer club, Arsenal, and how amazing the team has been recently. They showed a quick highlight video of their previous game, but didn’t have any commentary to go with it and it lasted at most 30 seconds. I think this is absurd and the network should learn how to acquire more materials for their shows.

Anyways, I’m done for the night. This week has been hell with homework and homecoming for Greek Life. I’m ready for the Kansas football game Saturday morning and I hope everyone else is too! (Hahahaha good one, Michael)

A Legend until the end

The past few days have been overloaded with many different sports events. Who knew so much could take place within this time period? The biggest story was what occurred today at Yankee Stadium. What a memorable moment it was for everybody to see. Some other stories from the past few days include college football (like always), more baseball (what teams have clinched the playoffs and wild card races), a little professional football, and Golf.

The last home game of two greats, Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte, and although the attention was more focused on Rivera, Pettitte got a well-deserved standing ovation as he exited the mound for the last time in a newer version of the original, historic Yankee Stadium. Before the game started against the San Francisco Giants, the Yankees held a 50 minute ceremony for Mariano Rivera. It started off with the band, Metallica playing one of their hit and most well known songs, Enter Sandman. This was Mariano Rivera’s (MO) song that would play whenever entering a game. It became one of the most well known entrance songs in all of baseball history. His dominance as a closer for most of his career proved to everyone how unbelievable of a pitcher he was. Old teammates and coaches came to the ceremony to offer their congratulations to the great Rivera. It was a great and emotional ceremony and although the Yankees lost the game two-to-one, it will always be remembered by true baseball fans everywhere. Andy Pettitte also got very emotional during his exit and received a standing ovation and a curtain call. Although he had trouble with use of Human Growth Hormone a few years back, people won’t remember him as that. They will remember him as the pitcher he was. I can go on for hours talking about this, but I won’t torture y’all with my love and pride for the New York Yankees.

With the loss today, the Yankees move four games back of the second wild card spot, but have a key series in Tampa Bay who hold one of the wild card spots. Texas has continued its slump with a loss today against the Kansas City Royals, who won the game on a walk-off grand slam. The Rangers are out of the wild card spot and now the Cleveland Indians hold the second position. Many teams clinched either playoff spots or their divisions. In the American League, the Boston Red Sox clinched the East. Oakland Athletics clinched the West. In the National League, the Los Angeles Dodgers clinched the West division. The Atlanta Braves clinched the East division, and the St. Louis Cardinals have clinched only a playoff berth so far. This postseason will be lots of fun to watch and I can’t wait. 

Moving to the other American sport, a lot of normally good NFL teams have struggled. The New York Giants (my team) were murdered by the Carolina Panthers 38-0 (Seriously?!)! Yes seriously. The Giants are in pieces and can’t figure it out right now. The Green Bay Packers lost to the Cincinnati Bengals today, a game that they let slip away. The Minnesota Vikings lost to the Cleveland Browns (The Browns??), putting them at 0-3 for their record. Even with Adrian Peterson, they can’t seem to figure it out either. The Miami Dolphins are 3-0 with today’s win over the Atlanta Falcons. In Andy Reid’s return to Philadelphia with the Kansas City Chiefs, the natives beat Michael Vick on Thursday Night Football, putting the Chiefs at 3-0 as well. I don’t know what else to say other than I am shocked. This has been one crazy year for football.

In College Football this past Saturday, Ohio State made a statement winning 76-0 against Florida A&M. So did Louisville, winning 72-0 against Florida International University. As well as Miami who beat Savannah State 77-7. Lastly, so did Baylor, winning 70-7 against University of Louisiana-Monroe. Domination all over the top 25 teams. My Kansas Jayhawks won in dramatic fashion, 13-10 on a 52 yard field goal as the clock ran out. They beat Louisiana Tech (Not a very good team, but neither are we). It was Charlie Weis’ first win in a FBS game (Division 1 college football) here at KU. It wasn’t a great game to watch, but a win is a win. 

Today ended the Golf season. After some of the top tournaments having been played in the past few weeks, the winner of the season was Henrik Stenson. He shot 13 under to win the Tour Championship. He was on fire throughout the weekend and deserved the right to call himself the champion. Next up is the President’s cup between the United States and international teams. That tournament is always great to watch and is a true representation for American pride in sports. 

I told y’all I would write more often. That shall be all for tonight as I must continue my pursuit of completing my homework (Hooray College!). Stay safe and stay sporty. Image

(Surrounded by teammates and coaches, Mariano Rivera waves to the crowd as they celebrate his last home game in his career. Source: ESPN)