Someone find me a Halloween Costume

The Candy Industries must go nuts around this time of year. So much candy is passed out and eaten during Halloween and who’s complaining? It’s delicious. Anyway, enough about food. Both professional and college football this past weekend was insane. Way too much to handle. Baseball is down to its final two teams for the World Series Championship. Shall we get started?

Let’s start with College Football. 9 of the top 25 teams lost this past Saturday. Probably the most notable loss in the top 25 was #5 Florida State killing #3 Clemson 51-14. Florida State freshman quarterback Jameis Winston led the way and showed the sports critics that he is the real deal for the Heisman Trophy, beating out Clemson’s quarterback, Tajh Boyd, who was also being considered for the Heisman. #6 LSU lost to Ole Miss 27-24. Ole Miss isn’t a bad team, they just face really tough opponents and have only a couple of kinks to fix. #24 Auburn defeated #7 Johnny Manziel 45-41 in a tight, crazy game. Wait, y’all are saying that last sentence is wrong? Are you sure? I really like to hate on the Aggies, apparently. The Texas A&M Aggies had a good game for the most part, except for their defense and also Manziel was injured during the game. It was a tragic loss for them, but knowing ESPN and other sports stations, they will still toot Johnny’s horn. #8 Louisville lost to Central Florida 38-35. #13 Stanford defeated #9 UCLA 24-10, shocking many people. The Tennessee Volunteers (Vols) beat a very good South Carolina team that was ranked #11, 23-21. #14 Mizzew (Missouri = Gross) defeated #22 Florida Gators 36-17. To make matters worse, Mizzou jumped to #5 in the BCS standings. Unbelievable. I understand many top teams lost, but come on, Mizzou? Who ever is in charge of picking the rankings needs to be knocked in the head and learn a thing or two about actual football teams. I will always hate the Tigers. #15 Georgia lost to Vanderbilt 31-27 (Very shocking). The last upset of the week was Arizona State defeating, actually murdering #20 Washington 53-24. Whew. What a list. Crazy week of college football, but then again, when is not crazy?

Switching to the professionals now, the almighty Denver Broncos were defeated in Peyton Manning’s return to Indianapolis to face the Colts. Andrew Luck had a tremendous game and actually conquered the unbeatable (according to ESPN) Broncos. Just goes to show that you can’t win them all. The only undefeated team left is the Kansas City Chiefs, the hometown favorites of basically all of KU. The Chiefs barely pulled out a win though against the Houston Texans, 17-16. Defense was the key in this game. Tampa Bay is still winless as they were defeated by their division rival, the Atlanta Falcons. Although the Buffalo Bills record might not look great, they are a dangerous team to play against. They are always involved in every game and have lost some very close games. But, this past Sunday they were able to beat the Miami Dolphins in another tight game. For all of my friends from back home in Dallas, the Cowboys beat their east coast rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles, 17-3. But, if you think about it, the Eagles didn’t have Michael Vick or back-up Nick Foles. They were using third string quarterback Matt Barkley, the USC standout who hasn’t had much to prove in the NFL. If I were Cowboys fans, I would be a little worried. That should have been more of a blowout, although I do understand that the boys have some injuries of their own. J-E-T-S JETS, JETS, JETS! The New York Jets defeated their notable rival, the New England Patriots 30-27 in overtime. Rookie Geno Smith led the Jets and I believe for the first time this season, showed his true skills. This was the first game he looked like the Geno Smith I knew of back at West Virginia. Tonight, my winless New York Giants are facing the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings have struggled as well, having only one win. This will be an interesting game to watch due to the fact both teams are struggling. I’m praying the Giants will win.

The October classic has been set. A rematch of the 2004 World Series, the hot-hitting and unbelievably good Boston Red Sox will be facing the dominant St. Louis Cardinals. Although I dislike both teams, especially the Red Sox, I can see this series going to seven games. My prediction is the Cardinals winning it all, but like I said, these two teams are incredible. It will be a great series to watch.

As I sit in the Kansas union waiting for an interview, I ponder what is going on around me and what I have to worry about with school. I have a midterm tomorrow and another one on Thursday. Yay. Only one of my headphones works even though I just bought these 2 days ago. I need to figure out my living situation for next year and I need to research internships. I know this is a Sports blog, but I feel it helps by including my life so y’all can feel comfortable and be able to somewhat relate to me. Plus I need to post my thoughts somewhere anyways, am I right? Well, that will be enough for now. Goodbye Sports geeks, until next time.  


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