Midterms suck

Once again, it’s been awhile since I posted on here due to the fact I was on fall break and school got in the way. My bad. If anyone was crying over the fact that I haven’t posted lately, well you can stop now, I’m back. Anyways, enough of the apologies it’s time for our favorite topic, sports.

It’s definitely October. With the Baseball Championship Series occurring right now, they have made sure to not disappoint us. In the American League, the Boston Red Sox (BOO, Hiss…) lead the series 2-1 sparked by a game 2 miracle comeback to win in Boston. They were down 5-0 in that game and by the eighth inning, the score being 5-1, guess who came clutch for the Red Sox? Of course, David Ortiz. He hammered a grand slam that was almost caught by Tigers outfielder, Torii Hunter. This tied the game up and in the bottom of the ninth, they scored the game winning run and the city of Boston went nuts.

On the National League side, the St. Louis Cardinals lead the series 3-1 against the Los Angeles Dodgers. I’d hate to say it, but I believe the Cardinals are going to win this series. They have been dominant the entire time and there is no stopping them, other than losing game three to the Dodgers. The first game of the series was fantastic, going into the 13th inning where Carlos Beltran belted (get it, BELTran BELTed, anybody? Nope. Well then…) a single that drove in the game-winning run. Beltran had a great game and was unanimously picked MVP for that night. Next game is this afternoon (actually already started). We’ll see if the Dodgers can stay alive.

Now that we are getting towards the halfway point of the football season, we are seeing who the strongest and weakest teams are. There are only two undefeated teams remaining and they happen to be in the same division. They are the Peyton Manning Broncos (whoops, I meant Denver Broncos), and the Kansas City Chiefs (HOLY SMOKES!). Peyton Manning is on fire and if he keeps this up, will most likely win the MVP award. Andy Reid has turned the Chiefs franchise around. With everyone healthy, they have been unstoppable. Props to the fans at Arrowhead Stadium for breaking the record for the loudest football stadium with a 137.7 decibel record. It’s because they have all of the Kansas Jayhawk fans there 😉 (Allen Fieldhouse at the University of Kansas has the college record for loudest arena with 127.1 decibels). My poor New York Giants are doing awful. They are winless and it looks like either Tom Coughlin or Eli Manning will be gone at the end of the season if this keeps up. The Pittsburgh Steelers finally won their first game, winning 19-6 against the New York Jets. That’s another surprising team who has been struggling. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are still winless as well (no surprise) as the Jacksonville Jaguars (no surprise there either). I feel really bad for the state of Florida who have to deal with those two horrific teams.

In college football, it was one crazy weekend. I went home for fall break and got to go to the State Fair of Texas last Saturday while the Red River Rivalry was happening. I didn’t go to the game, but the Texas Longhorns shockingly upset the Oklahoma Sooners 36-20 at the Cotton Bowl. I watched on television screens outside the stadium with thousands of other Longhorns and Sooners, chilling with a beer and some awesome fried foods (fried PB&J, fried nutella, not fried beer (it was awful)). Although I could care less about these two schools, I had to represent my home state, so I threw up the horns and cheered as the clock ticked down. It was an awesome experience to be at the fair during this game and it always is a great time. The next best game this past weekend was the 4 overtime thriller (!!!) of Penn State vs. #18 Michigan. Penn State came out on top and the entire crowd of Nittany Lion students, who stayed the entire time, went wild and I can guarantee you partied all day and night until they went to bed, or ended up in the hospital. What a game that must have been. My Kansas Jayhawks of course lost again, but didn’t lose too bad to TCU. They forced 5 turnovers but couldn’t produce on offense as the game ended with a final score of 27-17. Next up is the Oklahoma Sooners who will be wanting to bounce back after that terrible loss to Texas.

This is a pretty long post, maybe I should stop and start updating y’all more often. Hmmm, naaaahhhhhh, we are still going folks! Time for futbol (soccer). The United States men’s soccer team defeated Panama 3-2, scoring two goals in the 90th minute (extra time!). If the U.S. hadn’t scored those two goals, then Mexico would have been knocked out of the World Cup. Mexico has a chance to prove its worth of being in Brazil when they face New Zealand next Tuesday night. The U.S. was trailing 2-1 when Graham Zusi (plays for Sporting K.C.) headed the ball in off a cross from Brad Davis. Aron Johannsson scored the game winner in stoppage time to put away Panama.

Now that will be enough for today. One side note though, supposedly Adidas will offer Andrew Wiggins (Kansas freshman predicted to be the #1 pick in next year’s NBA Draft and has been considered as the Canadian Lebron James) a shoe contract worth $180 million over 10 years once he declares for the NBA Draft. They aren’t allowed to talk to him until he is done with his college career. That. Is. INSANE. Anyways, I have a midterm to study for, a project to complete, multiple homework assignments, and a paper to write all before I can start my weekend on Friday afternoon. Ugh.


(Edmund Post and I at the State Fair of Texas with the new Big Tex)


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