Somebody wake up Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day, September is over

How possibly could that song relate to sports? Well, it does. Now that September is over, October begins; which means Hockey has started, it’s the Baseball postseason, and I still think ESPN is full of scrooges. We all know enough about football, college and professionally, so those two topics won’t be necessary today. 

Hockey began last night and although many sports fans around the country could care less about the ice rink, it was one heck of an opening night. The most exciting game of the night was the Washington Capitals vs. the Chicago Blackhawks, who are the defending Stanley Cup Champions. Goals were being fired into the net back and forth by each team and by the end of the game, the Champions came out on top, winning 6-4. Two other games occurred last night. The Toronto Maple Leafs defeated the Montreal Canadiens 4-3, and the Winnipeg Jets defeated the Edmonton Oilers 5-4. So basically all of the games were fun to watch. What if the whole season was this exciting?

Ah, October. Playoff time in Baseball. What an interesting and exciting season this has been. In the wild card games, we had the Pittsburgh Pirates vs. the Cincinnati Reds, with the matey’s winning 6-2 and moving on to face the St. Louis Cardinals. The Tampa Bay Rays are currently playing the Cleveland Indians and the winner of this game will face the Boston Red Sox. The rest of the division series games are the Oakland Athletics vs. the Detroit Tigers and the Los Angeles Dodgers vs. the Atlanta Braves. My picks for the Championship Series are the Boston Red Sox vs. the Detroit Tigers in the American League and in the National League, the Pittsburgh Pirates vs. the Atlanta Braves. All of them are great teams but we will see who comes out on top.

Yesterday on ESPN, as I was watching Sportscenter, they had a thing about the English Premier League soccer club, Arsenal, and how amazing the team has been recently. They showed a quick highlight video of their previous game, but didn’t have any commentary to go with it and it lasted at most 30 seconds. I think this is absurd and the network should learn how to acquire more materials for their shows.

Anyways, I’m done for the night. This week has been hell with homework and homecoming for Greek Life. I’m ready for the Kansas football game Saturday morning and I hope everyone else is too! (Hahahaha good one, Michael)


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