A Legend until the end

The past few days have been overloaded with many different sports events. Who knew so much could take place within this time period? The biggest story was what occurred today at Yankee Stadium. What a memorable moment it was for everybody to see. Some other stories from the past few days include college football (like always), more baseball (what teams have clinched the playoffs and wild card races), a little professional football, and Golf.

The last home game of two greats, Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte, and although the attention was more focused on Rivera, Pettitte got a well-deserved standing ovation as he exited the mound for the last time in a newer version of the original, historic Yankee Stadium. Before the game started against the San Francisco Giants, the Yankees held a 50 minute ceremony for Mariano Rivera. It started off with the band, Metallica playing one of their hit and most well known songs, Enter Sandman. This was Mariano Rivera’s (MO) song that would play whenever entering a game. It became one of the most well known entrance songs in all of baseball history. His dominance as a closer for most of his career proved to everyone how unbelievable of a pitcher he was. Old teammates and coaches came to the ceremony to offer their congratulations to the great Rivera. It was a great and emotional ceremony and although the Yankees lost the game two-to-one, it will always be remembered by true baseball fans everywhere. Andy Pettitte also got very emotional during his exit and received a standing ovation and a curtain call. Although he had trouble with use of Human Growth Hormone a few years back, people won’t remember him as that. They will remember him as the pitcher he was. I can go on for hours talking about this, but I won’t torture y’all with my love and pride for the New York Yankees.

With the loss today, the Yankees move four games back of the second wild card spot, but have a key series in Tampa Bay who hold one of the wild card spots. Texas has continued its slump with a loss today against the Kansas City Royals, who won the game on a walk-off grand slam. The Rangers are out of the wild card spot and now the Cleveland Indians hold the second position. Many teams clinched either playoff spots or their divisions. In the American League, the Boston Red Sox clinched the East. Oakland Athletics clinched the West. In the National League, the Los Angeles Dodgers clinched the West division. The Atlanta Braves clinched the East division, and the St. Louis Cardinals have clinched only a playoff berth so far. This postseason will be lots of fun to watch and I can’t wait. 

Moving to the other American sport, a lot of normally good NFL teams have struggled. The New York Giants (my team) were murdered by the Carolina Panthers 38-0 (Seriously?!)! Yes seriously. The Giants are in pieces and can’t figure it out right now. The Green Bay Packers lost to the Cincinnati Bengals today, a game that they let slip away. The Minnesota Vikings lost to the Cleveland Browns (The Browns??), putting them at 0-3 for their record. Even with Adrian Peterson, they can’t seem to figure it out either. The Miami Dolphins are 3-0 with today’s win over the Atlanta Falcons. In Andy Reid’s return to Philadelphia with the Kansas City Chiefs, the natives beat Michael Vick on Thursday Night Football, putting the Chiefs at 3-0 as well. I don’t know what else to say other than I am shocked. This has been one crazy year for football.

In College Football this past Saturday, Ohio State made a statement winning 76-0 against Florida A&M. So did Louisville, winning 72-0 against Florida International University. As well as Miami who beat Savannah State 77-7. Lastly, so did Baylor, winning 70-7 against University of Louisiana-Monroe. Domination all over the top 25 teams. My Kansas Jayhawks won in dramatic fashion, 13-10 on a 52 yard field goal as the clock ran out. They beat Louisiana Tech (Not a very good team, but neither are we). It was Charlie Weis’ first win in a FBS game (Division 1 college football) here at KU. It wasn’t a great game to watch, but a win is a win. 

Today ended the Golf season. After some of the top tournaments having been played in the past few weeks, the winner of the season was Henrik Stenson. He shot 13 under to win the Tour Championship. He was on fire throughout the weekend and deserved the right to call himself the champion. Next up is the President’s cup between the United States and international teams. That tournament is always great to watch and is a true representation for American pride in sports. 

I told y’all I would write more often. That shall be all for tonight as I must continue my pursuit of completing my homework (Hooray College!). Stay safe and stay sporty. Image

(Surrounded by teammates and coaches, Mariano Rivera waves to the crowd as they celebrate his last home game in his career. Source: ESPN)


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