It’s been awhile…

Hey y’all! So I feel really bad about not posting anything lately. I’ve just gone MIA which is absolutely not true at all. I’ve missed y’all, but don’t worry, there’s been plenty to talk about. Let’s see, there’s football, more football, some baseball, tennis?, football, did I say football?, oh and some football! (soccer). 

I guess I overdid the football thing, but I still must talk about it. College football and professional football has started! Let’s start with the NFL. Peyton Manning had an unbelievable game and was probably the best playmaker of the past weekend. Although the Cowboys did force 6 New York Giants turnovers, they barely pulled out the victory winning by only 5 points. The Cowboys were lucky to win that game. Although they had signs of being good, they also had signs of being bad. I’m still sticking with my hypothesis that the Cowboys won’t perform to the level they truly could. The Eagles and Redskins game was fun to watch. First half was all about the Eagles and second half was all about the Redskins. RG III almost brought the Redskins back, but time was against them. Houston Texans got lucky and came back to defeat the San Diego Chargers who aren’t the best of teams. The 49ers and Packers game was fun to watch as well for both sides. Pretty much in general, the opening weekend of football was awesome.

The college football season just finished its second week of games and man did it perform to a fun level. The University of Texas was murdered by BYU, thus resulting in the firing of their defensive coordinator. The Miami Hurricanes defeated their rival, Florida Gators. Although it was a low scoring game, the Miami defense was a lot of fun to watch. USC struggled on the offensive side and suffered a loss, putting their program quite a few steps back from where they would rather be. Last game I’ll talk about is the domination of Baylor winning 70-13. HOLY COW! 

Enough about football. The baseball season is reaching it’s final month and I can’t even begin to describe how awesome this month will be. My New York Yankees are making a run for a wild card spot. Through all of the injuries they have dealt with this year and being able to stay in contention is absolutely incredible. The AL is stacked with contenders. Even the Kansas City Royals are in contention (Michael say what?). EXACTLY! The National League is just as incredible. The Pittsburgh Pirates are having their best season since 1992 when the “legendary” Barry Bonds played there. Cincinnati has made a comeback as well and it looks like those two teams will get the wild card. The rest of the teams are a little farther behind than anybody in the AL. Most people are excited about football, but I’m excited for baseball. 

A little about tennis. Serena Williams proved to the world that she deserves the number one ranking, beating out Victoria Azarenka in the U.S. Open final. On the gentleman’s side, the great Rafael Nadal defeated Novak Djokovic for the title. All four of these players are absolutely unbelievable players and they all had great matches. 

WE’RE GOING TO BRAZIL!! Congratulations to the U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team for defeating our southern rival, Mexico, 2-0 in a World Cup Qualifier. With the win and the Honduras and Panama draw, the US punched their ticket to Brazil in a very exciting match. Eddie Johnson and Landon Donovan had the goals to put the US on top of Mexico. Even in older age, Donovan continues to prove why he is the best in the US. 

I think this post is long enough to make y’all fall asleep. As I conclude this post, I would like to take a moment and remember those who lost their lives on this fateful day twelve years ago. We will never forget that day as it lives on in infamy and through history. Please take a moment to remember and to appreciate being alive today. Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. 


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