Legends, college kids, and whatever is in between

A few things have happened in the sports world the past couple of days. From investigations to new investigations to a new revolution, it was all there. College football, more baseball (cause baseball is America’s pastime and it’s awesome), and soccer (shout out to Alvaro Hernandez). 

Let’s start off with college football. Oh I’m sorry ESPN, did I say that wrong? I meant let us start off with Johnny Manziel, aka Johnny football. What did Johnny do this time? What has he done so far? What will stop ESPN from leaving him alone (It’s not only just ESPN, they just love him so much)? New investigations have come up that Johnny Manziel has been profiting on sports gear and memorabilia that he has autographed to fans. This is an issue because A. he was the Heisman Trophy winner and must be scrutinized for every single thing he does. B. It’s against NCAA rules to make a profit while in college. C. It’s Johnny Manziel. I’ll be honest with you, I don’t like the guy. He’s a schmuck (if you don’t know what that means, look it up), a wanna-be frat star (stay on the field, bro), and thinks he can do anything just because he is Johnny Manziel. He needs to grow up and realize he has to play by the rules in order for him to succeed with his football career. If he doesn’t want to continue his football career, then fine, let him do his thing. I do feel bad for the guy because he wants to be just like every other college student, but, he should know by now that he can’t be. By the way, screw Texas A and M. I don’t recommend that school and have never liked the school. Enough hating for right now.

On August 7th, in Class A Brooklyn Cyclones, a New York Mets affiliate, employees arrived to their work to find the statue of Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese defaced with swastikas, racial and anti-semitic terms. Who in their right mind would do such a horrendous thing to two key figures who helped shape the game of baseball into what it is today; a diverse and multi-cultural atmosphere enjoyed by many? These guys are key to the history of baseball. Police are investigating it as a hate crime and hopefully will capture the fugitives responsible for this terrible incident.

I don’t think many people realize how much the game of soccer is starting to grow on the American people. No, we will never be able to match up to the fans of the Premier League in England or La Liga in Spain. But, at the moment, the United States Men’s National Team is on fire and hoping to continue that hot streak into next year’s World Cup in Brazil. Also, the popular Clint Dempsey, american soccer player who has been playing on Fulham football club and Tottenham football club the past 5 or 6 years, is coming back to the US to play in the MLS (Major League Soccer). He will be joining the Seattle Sounders, who are already an astounding team and have one of the best fan bases in the US. Of course he will receive a warm welcome from the fans and will ignite Seattle away from the already dreary city that it is. Soccer fans, watch out because Clint Dempsey is back.

I’m tired now. Guess who has to work in the morning? This guy. Well, and the other guy who lives across the hall from me who is supposedly my brother. Have comments? Leave them on here and I’ll try responding ASAP. Sweet dreams, you sports nerds. 


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